Visegrad Eco Villages

1. Lunaria - Czech Republic
2. Zajezova - Slovakia

Czech Republic

Občanské sdružení Lunaria

463 66 Jindřichovice 12
gsm: +420 605 345 467

Ekokomunita Sekier

Zajezka eco-village (Slovakia)

Zajezka is a community of around 110 people living in mountain valley in Central Slovakia.

There are 3 NGOs active in the area.

The Eco-community Sekier is a traditional farm house on a meadow above Zajezova, bought in 1994 by the NGO Community for Life in Harmony (PHŽ). It is looking for an alternative to a meaningless consumerist lifestyle, inspired by the modest and self-sufficient life of our ancestors, but also by modern trends like permaculture, natural building and the eco-village movement.

There is also Polomy (Modern Educational Centre).

The former farm building in the part of Zaježová called Polomy has been serving as a base for educational activities since 1991. It is being rented by the local civic associations, as well as NGOs and individuals to host various events – seminars, environmental education for schools, dance workshops and retreats.

The Brana Community is a space near Zajezova, where small group of people explore Life. They search for ways to open communication with all beings, ways to truth and trust, ways to commitment to stream of Life, ways to rise awareness, ways to synergy. A small community - experiment in natural building, gardening, arts, intuitive pedagogy and other forms of non-formal education.

Zajezka village contact details:

Postal: 962 63 Pliešovce-Zaježová,


Phone: +421 91 527 9905
+421 (0) 915 279 905

Gyürüfü eco-village (Hungary)

During the Hungarian Soviet Republic, the village Gyürüfü was regarded as poorly accessible and without a future perspective.

The rebirth of the village began in the early 1990s, when a group of eco-students rediscovered the area and created the Gyürüfü Foundation.

The aim was to create an independent and sustainable community which would support a natural lifestyle with traditional building and agricultural technologies.

Gyûrûfû Foundation is an independent environmental organization which focused its activity on the local watershed situated in the southern hills of Zselic, a hillside range in Hungary. Foundation has no affiliation to any of the political parties or business enterprises except those established by the eco-villagers.

Gyürüfü today – bio=products for inner /out usage, agritourist house, that can host visitors. The villagers are moving towards a completely independent economy – about two thirds of the necessary energy for vital functioning is already received from local renewable power sources, and solar batteries aid in getting electricity. Husbandry and gardening flourish, villagers try to grow all vegetables themselves, meat and dairy products are bought from surrounding farmers.

Gyürüfü village contact details:
Postal: Helesfa-Gyurufu Pf.3
Gyurufu H-7683
Phone: +36 73554412

Dabrowka eco-village (Poland)

Dabrowka community has been building up slowly since 1976 and found its home in seven villages in south-eastern Poland near the town of Lublin

After 20 years of existence Dabrowka community is about 100 people in 25 families. The older generation is now in its forties, the youngest in the twenties. All 25 families together inhabit 29 houses.

In 1995, Dabrowka community created the association "For Earth" in wich now are activly involved 7 of our families. Association is printing a biuletin of Country Positives News